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  • Borsa per abiti da uomo

    In a remarkable display of efficiency and quality, Beocer, a leading manufacturer in the packing industry, recently completed the production and delivery of 10,000 pieces of non-woven garment bags to a client in Germany. This achievement underscores Beocer’s commitment to providing top-notch products and exceptional service to clients worldwide. The non-woven garment bags, manufactured by Beocer, boast a substantial 80 …

  •   Le borse per indumenti sono generalmente progettate per proteggere e conservare capi di abbigliamento durante il viaggio o lo stoccaggio. Sono comunemente realizzati con materiali durevoli e leggeri che forniscono protezione contro la polvere, rughe, e umidità. Ecco alcuni materiali comunemente usati per i porta abiti: Nylon: Il nylon è una scelta popolare per le borse porta abiti grazie alla sua durata, natura leggera, and resistance to

  • PPET Garment Bag

    RPET Garment Bag Description RPET garment bags are a type of garment bag made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) Materiale. RPET is a type of plastic that is made from recycled plastic bottles, typically used for packaging or textiles. RPET garment bags are designed to store and transport clothing items such as suits, vestiti, and other garments, providing protection

  • 210 D polyester luxury suit cover bag/garment bag

    Water-proof,smooth hand-feel enable 210D polyester to be another popular material for a Suit Cover Bag/Garment Bag. White Polyester imprinted with metallic silver/gold Logo will show a luxury brand and wonderful effect as advertisement. Stitched with a qualified zipper ,the garment bag can meet your demand to protect garment from dirt,umidità,yellow and hair,the zipper can be zipped to open and close

  • Borsa copri abito Ordini inform

    Dear Customers, We’d like to let you know due to CNY is on the way ,any order for Suit Cover Bag,Shopping Tote bag,Insulated Cooler bag and other packing products would have to wait till the end of our holiday.If your orders are rush,we propose to make preproduction sample before CNY and bulk production would be processed upon sample approval upon

  • Produttore di coperture per tute verificato da BV

    Becoer Package Co.,Ltd has passed BV audit on April-15 in order to show our capability as manufacturer for Suit Cover,Porta abiti,Insulated Cooler Bag and other packing bags. We’re confident on proving you competitive price and qualified products,Non Woven Bags are our strength as our skilled sewers are with experience over 5 years.For Suit Cover Bag,we have strict demand to add

  • Borsa per abiti da uomo

    Dear Customers, Firstly,we want to thank you for all your support in past year. We hereby want to inform you that due to CNY holiday is on the way,the logistics company will be in holiday from 22nd,Jan.All the new orders would be placed will have to be shipped after the holiday. Becoer wish you a wonderful and fruitful New Year. …

  • Borsa per abiti da uomo

    Due to quick raise of the raw material,the prices we offer from now would have shorter validity at 10 giorni. Price for non woven had raised over 8% in past two weeks which will lead to the raise on our suit cover bag.We will keep the same price for the offers in validity,and any pending project would be subjected to

  • Borsa per abiti da uomo

    Dear Customers, Please kindly note that due to holiday season is on they way we will need over 25 days for any customized order of suit cover bag with quantity more than 10,000 pcs.(plain suit cover without imprint will take 20 giorni) Oltretutto,the shipping space is also becoming tight now,if the leadtime if not that tight we propose to send the

  • Borsa per abiti da uomo

    The sewing process of the Suit Cover Bag is simple,but there are still quite quality issues that are easily occurred.QC is the key to ensure a qualified bag.There are mainly issue as below: 1)Piping The stitching density,piping machine and whether the sewers are skillful or not are important for the piping,the stitching threads are splitted sometimes and QC need to

  • Borsa per abiti da uomo

    100% Breathable. The Suit Cover Bags are made of good quality(A grade)PP non woven fabric,it will protect your clothes from hair,insects and dust. Smooth #5 Cerniera. Composed with sturdy zipper will allow you to store your coats and suit easily,there are zipper staples at both ends of the zipper,you don’t need to worry about the slip off of the zipper

  • Borsa per abiti da uomo

    A Suit Cover Bag is ideal for storing clothes such as coat,suit,dress, gown,tuexdo uniform,prom dress,and evening dress,it can well protect your garment from dirt,yellowing,umidità ,but how can you seen through the suit cover bag?We provide solutions as below: 1)PVC window A clear PVC window in the front of the suit cover bag,it can be square or oval shape which would

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