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QC of our Suit Cover Bag

September 18, 2018

The sewing process of the Borsa copri abito is simple,but there are still quite quality issues that are easily occurred.QC is the key to ensure a qualified bag.There are mainly issue as below:


The stitching density,piping machine and whether the sewers are skillful or not are important for the piping,the stitching threads are splitted sometimes and QC need to be strong enough to check and realize the issue,then fix it.


For a suit cover bag,the zipper is very important as it’s the most important part of the bag,a smooth#5 zipper with staples at both ends is our standard here,the zipper puller is easy to slide off without the staples,also #3 zipper is kind of weak if you need the suit cover bag for long-term storage purpose.

3)Fabric Grade

The fabric is 100% virgin material or with recycled material will influence the tear and tensile strength of the fabric.We always propose clients to use 100% fresh material as long as their budget is not that low,B&C grade fabric can be torn easily.

No one can avoid the issues totally,but it’s the responsibility of the manufacturer to do a good QC job and ensure the quality before sending products.

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