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What’s the MOQ of Suit Cover/Garment Bag

March 5, 2017

The reason why we request MOQ as the materials suppliers have MOQ for us, such as the fabric,Cerniera,imprint and ect.

Usually the minimum order quantity should be 1000 pcs,but if you can’t buy that much at beginning,we can use stock fabric and make 500 pcs for you,this is for Polypropylene non woven and other fabric in regular constuction,if you need to customize the color or thickness of fabric,the MOQ of non woven is 1 ton and 3000m for weaving fabrics,we will check the approx quantity base on the suit cover size.

Oltretutto,if your order is our stock item,then we won’t have any request for MOQ,you can buy even one piece,we will send it by the most economic forwarder for you.

Contact us freely if you have any demand for a Copri abito.

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