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  • mens suit bag

    Are you tired of  the issue on the easily broken zippers? Are you looking for breathable suit cover bag to carry your favorite garment wihout wrinkles? Are you in need of a moisture wicking garment bag to store your wedding suit safely? It’s the right time for you to invest and choose a strong, ergonomic and qualified suit cover bag …

  • suit cover bag zipper

    As for the important component of a suit cover bag,the zipper is very important.There are mainly two materials used for a zipper. 1)Nylon Zipper Nylon zippers are characterized by soft teeth, smooth surface, bright and colorful color. Its outstanding features are lightweight, thin chain teeth and flexibility. In addition, the production efficiency of nylon zipper is high and the price …

  • mens suit bag

    There are different shapes of Mens Suit Bag that will meet your various packing demand for suits Round top and square bottom                     Square top and bottom Suit bag with gusset Suit bag with cap

  • blank

    Dear Customers, Our factory will be closed  for holiday from 10th-25th,Feb,we will be back on 26th any inquiry or order will be handled after the holiday. Wishing you a wonderful 2018!!! Becoer Package

  • leather suit travel bag

    1)A grade fabric No matter what material is,it must be A grade in order to have good performance on the tear and tensile strength. 2)Qualified zipper The zipper should be open and close smoothly,besides, the zipper puller is better metal material 3)Well-sewn The piping is important as it’s the main process during the sewing,the stitching density should not be less …

  • Non woven Foldable Dress Cover

    Delivery time usually is 25-30 days upon sample approval and deposit paid,booking materials will take 4-7 days,cutting will take 1-2 days,imprint will take 3-4 days,sewing will take 10-15 days,packing will take 1-2 days,the process may will cost longer time in peak season(from Sep-Feb).It’s better to arrange the project earlier if your schedule is tight,too rush it’s easy to cause defect as …

  • polypropylene suit travel bag 01

    The reason why we request MOQ as the materials suppliers have MOQ for us, such as the fabric,zipper,imprint and ect. Usually the minimum order quantity should be 1000 pcs,but if you can’t buy that much at beginning,we can use stock fabric and make 500 pcs for you,this is for Polypropylene non woven and other fabric in regular constuction,if you need …

  • fabrics for suit cover|garment bag

    Concerning the fabrics for a  Suit Cover|Garment bag,there are mainly as below: 1)PP Non woven Polypropylene non woven is mostly used for making the suit cover as it’s cheap and breathable,normal thickness will be from 80 gsm-100 gsm           2)Polyester 210D polyester  is also popular fabric for suit cover,it’s very soft and waterproof for the fabric …

  • Where to buy suit cover

    Where to buy Suit Cover? There are mainly four production areas in China for packing bags,and you can buy Suit Cover from below area: 1.Guangdong Province Guangzhou City is the earliest production area of packing bags,but now more factories move to inland as the rent,labor cost is too high.   2,Zhejiang Province Wenzhou City has many towns where gather lots …

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