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Quels sont les types fermeture à glissière pour le sac de couverture de costume

août 9, 2018

As for the important component of a Suit Housse,the zipper is very important.There are mainly two materials used for a zipper.

1)Nylon Zipper

Nylon zippers are characterized by soft teeth, smooth surface, bright and colorful color. Its outstanding features are lightweight, thin chain teeth and flexibility. In addition, the production efficiency of nylon zipper is high and the price of raw materials is low, so its production cost is relatively low, and there is a competitive advantage in the sales price of zipper. In recent years, nylon zipper teeth gold plating, silver plating technology has been widely used to increase the decorative zipper. They’re widely used on suit cover bag with size #3&#5

2)Metal Zipper

The copper zipper in the metal zipper is noble in the zipper, its characteristic is strong and durable, pulls slightly rough , matches specially with the cowboy clothing. The shortcoming is that the surface of the chain teeth is hard, the feeling is not soft, and the post treatment is not good to scratch the user’s skin easily. Due to the price of the raw material is high, the sale price of the zipper is also higher than that of the other types. Compared with the same type of copper zipper, the tensile strength of aluminum alloy zipper is slightly worse than that of the same type of copper zipper, but it can achieve the decorative effect of copper imitation and multi color after surface treatment. The price of raw materials is low and its cost has a certain competitive advantage.

We accept customized order,so we’re able to use the zipper accordingly to your requirment,please contact us anytime when you have demand for suit cover bag.

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